Contemporary Photography from Belarus, 2013

This first-ever book dedicated to the young Belarusian photography scene was initiated by Andrei Liankevich with the support of the Goethe Institute in Minsk.
The individual photographs and groups of works were selected from a variety of applications, ranging from classic black-and-white portraits to flashy Photoshop experiments. The artistic interest is always focused on human subjects in diverse everyday situations, be it sunbathing on a city beach in their spare time, a short breakfast at a bus station, or proud war veterans etc. The pictures are depicting a timeless and contemporary image of life in Belarus rather than offering a representative portrayal of day-to-day realities, and may contain anything from documentary facts to an ironic twist. World War II and the defeat of the German occupiers is evidently still an important «official» topic for Belarusian society, which is proved by the fact that is visually commented  the alternative art scene. Hardly any of these images have been published or exhibited to date.

Artists: Tanya Haurylchyk, Shiarhei Hudzilin, Eugene Kanaplev-Leydik, Pavel Kirpikau, Alex Kladov, Mikael Lechanka / Maxim Shumilin, Julia Leydik-Kanapleva, Andrei Liankevich, Aleksey Naumchik, Palina Palynskaya, Volga Sasnouskaya, Alexander Sayenko, Aleksei Shinkarenko, Alexandra Soldatova, Alexander Veledzimovich.

Editor: Matthias Harder
Authors: Matthias Harder, den beteiligten Fotografen

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Art Calendars. Maxim Shumilin & Mikhail Leschenko

Midday - 2010
Garden - 2011

Sea - 2013